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Do you live in a Cyclone prone area?

Do you live in far North Queensland or Northern Territory? Did you know there is a new incentive to assist you to make your home further cyclone enhanced. The recent launch of the Queensland Government’s $20 million Household Resilience Program means that low-income home owners in certain coastal areas of Queensland may be eligible for financial assistance to improve their home’s cyclone resilience. Under the new program, owner-occupiers that live in a house built before 1984, located within 50km of the coastline from Bundaberg to the Queensland/Northern Territory border and who meet the eligibility requirements, may be entitled to a Queensland Government grant of 75% of the cost of improvements – up to a maximum of $11,250 including GST. The minimum cost of the upgrade must be $3300 to qualify for the program.

A range of specific improvement options for home owners are covered under the program and include: roof replacement and roof structure tie-down upgrades

roof structure tie-down upgrades using an external over-batten system

replacement of garage doors and frames

window protection including cyclone shutters or screens

tie downs of external structures (e.g. sheds)

replacement of external hollow core doors with solid core external grade.

To ensure that all standards and building codes are met, eligible home owners are required to engage local QBCC licensed contractors to obtain quotes and undertake all works approved under the program.

For further information, go to this website to read more: http://click.contact.qbcc.qld.gov.au/…

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