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Stimulus package no: 3

Job Keeper payment

1. Employers to receive $1,500 per fortnight as job keeper payment

2. Every worker to get this amount

3. Casuals receive it too provided have been with employer 12 months or more

4. Employer is legally bound to pay it to workers to keep them on their books

5. Stood down workers are eligible

6. Turnover of the business must be down 30% if turnover is less than 1billion dollars annually otherwise it is 50% for companies turnover of over 1 billion

7. Payments to employers will commence May 1 but will be backdated. New Zealand citizens eligible for it too.

8. Workers must have been employed by the employer before 1 March 2020

Job Seeker payment through Centrelink.

Job Seeker payments - partner income has been increased to $79,762 pa

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